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Over the past decade Stockholm has emerged as a key player in the world’s fast-growing games industry. The birthplace of gaming behemoths such as EA DICE, Mojang, and King - the creator of Candy Crush Saga, the highest revenue generating mobile game of all time - Sweden's capital is also home to over half of the country's 300 game companies.

In 2019, the Swedish game- development industry had a total revenue of over 16 Billion SEK which was almost 4 Billion SEK more than the previous year and the industry employed over 2 600 people. Since 2010, the gaming industry in Stockholm has grown at an astonishing rate, outpacing every other sub-industry within the Creative & Cultural sector with a revenue that has grown by over 430 % .

In the wake of the gaming and e-sport industry’s growth, investors have shown an increased interest in investing in these businesses and there are more financing opportunities for gaming companies in recent years on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Seeing the growth in the industry, investors have become more open to taking risks. The creativity of Swedish game developers, the quality of the games themselves and the skills of the entrepreneurs and marketers, are some factors that have contributed, but also a growing global games market, of course with more people finding joy in games.


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