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The following exhibitions at Royal Djurgården's attractions welcome to Stockholm Creative Tech Week delegates and guests:​

ABBA The Museum
ABBA Voyage Exhibition @ ABBA The Museum brings visitors backstage into the creation of the virtual concert experience that plays in West End, London.
ABBA Voyage Exhibition @ ABBA The Museum – ABBA The Museum

The Museum of Ethnography
In the Storage, visitors can either browse freely among the shelves and cases or guide themselves along various thematically linked trails with the help of tablet computers. 
The Storage - The Museum of Ethnography

The Nordic Museum
Discover Daniel Youssef’s unique interpretation of August Strindberg’s autobiographical novel Inferno in the exhibition “Strindberg vs Youssef”. In his text, Youssef uses overturning words, paranoid embodiment and neon to create a facinating staging. He combines his art with one of Strindberg’s most iconic paintings “Vågen”. 
Strindberg vs Youssef - The Nordic Museum

Monet’s Garden
The unique Monet’s Garden exhibition concept consists of state-of-the-art technology, which allows visitors to immerse themselves in the world of works of art painted by the famous impressionist Claude Monet (1840–1926).
Monet’s Garden at The Maritime Museum

The Police Museum
The Trigger Exhibition – 150 Years of police photography tells how the camera could become one of the police’s most important tools for solving crimes, but is just as much about some of the people who have been photographed by the police over the past 150 years. 
The trigger – 150 years of police photography

The Maritime Museum
“Planet or Plastic?” is an exhibition based on National Geographic’s global initiative that aims to reduce the amount of single-use plastic that ends up in the oceans.
Planet or Plastic – The Maritime Museum


Experience incredible light installations and see Skansen like you’ve never done before with Winter Lights. This is something for all ages so bring loved ones and enjoy an experience for all the senses.
Winter Lights

Experience the biodiversity of nature in Skansen’s escalator. The exhibition offers an experiential journey where you learn about nature’s diverse array of animals in the sea and on land, as you travel further up the escalator. 
Skansen’s escalator

The Museum of Spirits 
Love and Attraction is the theme of a selection of works from the Absolut Art Collection. Artist Carolina Falkholt and poet Anna Axfors explore art from the standpoint of their own artistic endeavors. Carolina and Anna also produced a soundtrack for the show.
Love x Attraction in Absolut Art Collection - The Museum of Spirits

The National Museum of Science and Technology
Zero City is an interactive and challenging exhibition, where visitors will come together to plan the transportation of people and goods in the fossil-free city of tomorrow, in order to achieve climate goals.
Zero City - The National Museum of Science and Technology

The exhibition Subject: Hello is based upon our most everyday technology. Visitors can explore how communication technology works and how it has developed. 
Subject: Hello - The National Museum of Science and Technology >

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