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  1. Go to website

  2. Please select route, ie Stockholm to Helsinki on Tuesday, 28 November, the 16.45 departure and press «Boka resan» = <<Book>

  3. Select the right-hand box «Company Customer»/«Företagskund»


Enter discount code 143283 which provides a price with the discount.

  1. Fill in your contact and passenger details.

  2. If your booking OK then press the «Buy» button and you can pay for the booking.

A discount is applied on all Tallink Silja AB's regular cabin prices on the Stockholm-Helsinki Tech Boat ferry departure on November 16th in collaboration with Stockholm Creative Tech Week 2023. This also applies if you book any return of your choice.

It is also possible to pre-order meals during the online booking process, saving 8%. Dinner buffet including beverages for the price of 451 SEK.

You can also book by contacting Silja Tallink directly via e-mail kundservice or by phone +46 8666 3333.

Do refer to the Tech Boat 16/11 with discount code:


For group travellers (10 and more passengers in the booking) - please

contact our group department by providing discount code

1 A0000 Min

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